Public Limited Company Registration

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Public Limited Company Registration

A Public Limited Company is a Company limited by shares in which there is no restriction on the maximum number of shareholders, transfer of shares and acceptance of public deposits. The liability of each shareholder is limited to the extent of the unpaid amount of the shares face value and the premium thereon in respect of the shares held by him. However, the liability of a Director / Manager of such a Company can at times be unlimited.

Public Limited Company Registration, the company must have minimum 3 Directors, 7 Shareholders and Maximum 50 Directors and need Rs 5 Lakhs of Paid up Capital..

Documents Required

for Public Limited Company Registration

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Advantages & Benefits

Why to Register Public Limited Company.

Transferability Of Shares

The shares of a Public Limited Company are freely transferable. This makes investment in the shares liquid and an investor is not bound to remain with the company

Public Confidence

A Public Limited Company enjoys greater confidence of public because its accounts are published and it operates under statutory regulation and control. Shares of a Public Limited Company are traded on Stock Exchanges.


Management of a company is not confined to a few persons. Shareholders can elect and remove directors. They exercise control over management in general meetings of the company.

Larger Funds

The biggest advantage of a Public Limited Company is to raise capital from the public because Public Limited companies can list its shares on stock Exchange and can also accept deposit from public at large.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a listed company and a public limited company?
The difference between listed company and public company is very simple. A public company when go to public to raise capital, it had to get registered with stock exchange and once it is registered, then it is also known as listed company.
How can a public company raise funding from general public?
Public limited companies is the only class of company which is allowed to raise funds from the general public. The process of listing a company and raising the funds from public by making offer is known as Initial Public Offer (IPO). IPO is the process through which shares are offered by the companies to raise funds.
What do you mean by plc Company limited? How company end with word ‘inc’ means?
PLC company limited is the short form of Public Limited Companies. The word ‘INC’ in the end is used by the companies registered in USA, e.g. Animaker Inc. etc.
What is the minimum capital requirement for Public Limited Company in India?
There is no minimum capital requirement for public limited company incorporation in India. Earlier, it was 5 lakh, however to provide ease of doing business in India, the requirement of minimum capital for Public company is withdrawn.
What is the validity of a Public Limited Company?
On incorporation, the company becomes active and comes in existence as long as the annual compliances are done on a regular basis. Otherwise, the Company will become a Dormant Company and is liable to be struck off from the register after a period of time. On being Struck-off, the same can be revived up to a period of 20 years
How much time is required to register a Public Company?
It takes about 12-15 working days to incorporate an Public Company.
I am an NRI / Foreign National. Can I be a director in a Public Limited Company?
Yes, you being an NRI or Foreign National can be a Director of a Public Limited Company after obtaining Director Identification Number. However, at least, one Director on the Board of Directors must be a Resident India.
Can another Company be a shareholder in Public Limited Company?
Yes, the company incorporation process is online. You can email / upload us the required documents.