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Never bought a bottle of water, such a man has not been seen in the world. Sometime, it necessary to buy a bottle of water for some region. People go shopping for a journey; buy a bottle of water, if they are thirsty at the bus station, railway station etc. The bottle of water is sold at retail price of Rs 15.The world's first person to sell water bottles is bisleri.Bisleri's bottle is like this when we buy a bottle of water. Bottle of water means biller of water. Bisleri this person has already made the decision to produce drinking water the bus all the bobby’s fooled him. His friend said to him that due to the availability of water in the world there water is obtained from natural resources. So will pay the money anybody buy water. then biller told his friend that today’s no sure will buy people by paying more than the price of milk . Due to the modernization of the world what he speaks today and idea of what client is demanding in the market.

The people will be able to sell such an expensive product and sealed it in bottle and start to sell. In the time the milk was found in low prices, the water start to sell. Today, there is such a condition that milk package is a good price & package or drinking water, which means getting the entire water.

Most of the illnesses and diseases accruing due to pollution are due to contaminated water need of time for proper water. People of the world & people of our country have become mostly literate. No people have understood the need of cleanliness and purity.

The people who get sick by drinking water, he’s pay the thousand of rupee in the hospital. So he is ready to paying 15 rupee for pure drinking water .According to Biller’s saying but selling water today, the multinational and the country company is doing thousands of corers rupees and earning profit. Lower production costs and high sales prices drinking more than doubling the business of drinking of water, the new business is good for mineral water production business. It is such a business that once made a profit in business by investing money in life.

For such a reason every man has to travel today due to business, education, program, visit etc. Every man will not carry bottle of water in the journey ,if some person carry also it finish in the haft journey and when he became thirsty have to buy a bottle of water.

Today the bottle of pure water is available in the railway station, bus stop, big shop and medical shop. Before people became thirsty, he go to near hotel and used to drink water but today is not there. is not certain that the hotel will be water purifier .Due to this person go to near shop and buy to bottle of water (bisleri) ,it’s like to drink of water.

Even after food at the hotel many people drink package bottle of water as needed to get the water placed on the table. It’s new option due to new technology or its do.

The wastage of water of industrial society is out on the near River then the River water became to contained water or not use for drinking water. Water purification centre of gram panchayat and municipality supplying water is implement 100%.It does not and the supplier water to get top water scheme here. The organisms and toxic components that give the control to the disease and it’s cause enter this human body with this water and the people have many disease. Consuming the contaminated water in the ground source of ground plusher is also polluted.

For this reason, it is advisable to drink the water coming to barbell too by checking the laboratory and drinking it only, if it is potable. So today how important it is to be pure water. It will also be known if people have to pay money when it comes to time but the use of pure water will be such a concept of the water .Today many people are use to drinking of pure water by the purification machine.

Much company start to production of the package bottle of water in the market but all production is not mineral water. It is pure water according to the B.I.F.S and also follows some term condition & rule set for business of production of water.

For Example –calcium, magnum.

The Karolin process is not more use in the purify of mineral water and all mineral is not sufficient use in purify water according to the B.I.D. Package water means pure water management is done by 2 times ,4 times,8time also capable do though the purifier machine .This machine is called R.O.

NO more extra organic include in the package drinking water.

Business man basically uses the water from the boreal for production of water. Water is more important for human body. The production started by the incoming the report of B.I.S it’s checking all process starts the production of water.

The daily produce bottle of water is written by typing an expiry date of this bottle and written the bench numbers.B.I.S certification have to necessary before the start up the production of water business. The plastic Bag is mostly use for packing of water. The plastic can is use packing of water 5 litter to 20 litters. This type of plastic can is providing to the hospital, office and hotel. This type of water is used in before start of business production of water. This water is give to the B.I.S and then it’s check in laboratory and given to repot of checking production of water. Finally business will be start of production of packing water. The process of the purifier of the water is taking from boar and gives in salt filter. Carbon is fully removed in the water with help of salt filter machine. When the water is leave in salt filter hen water is like light weight.

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